There is an estimated 7-21 day processing time for orders, as I am limiting the number of trips to the post office. Shipping to the UK is isolated to my Etsy account in order to account for VAT. 


There may be concerns amongst some buyers as to the safety of receiving packages. According to CDC and WHO guidance, the is no evidence to indicate that the virus can spread through the mail. Regardless of the low risk, I continue to take precautions for both your safety and my own.

As of May 10th, I am fully vaccinated.

I will continue to only pack orders with freshly washed hands, a sanitized work surface, and will proceed with bi-weekly COVID testing, as long as it is available to me.

I'm being as safe as possible, so please understand that these precautions are not put into place lightly. If you opt to sanitize any of the items you receive from me, do not use rubbing alcohol - especially on pins because it will oxidize the metal plating! I have used sanitizing wipes such as Lysol, Clorox, etc. without any ill effects so far.

Thank you for reading! 

This information was updated May 21st, 2021.