Standard Pins

High Quality to Good Quality rating.

Most pins fit into this category and are the best quality offered in my shop. These are sold at a standard price but may occasionally go on sale. 

Some minor imperfections that may be present or considered expected:

  • minor markings / scratches on the metal or enamel
  • minor flecks of dust or bubbles in the enamel
  • minor uneven enamel filling
  • slightly off-center screen printing
  • oxidation of metal (less than 1%)

Seconds Pins

Acceptable Quality to Low Quality rating.

These pins have noticeable flaws but still present the artwork well enough to be sold. These pins will be offered at a discount and occasionally in grab bags. 

Noticeable imperfections that may be present or considered expected: 

  • low enamel fills
  • discoloration / mixed enamel colors
  • sizable dents or scratches in metal or enamel
  • significant crooked screen printing
  • oxidation of the metal, under 5%

Defect Pins

Sad Quality to Bad Quality rating.

These pins are unlikely to be sold, but do come in batches occasionally. If they're distributed to customer, it is likely as a bonus pin or flash / last chance sale at a very low price. Even imperfect pins deserve a home. 

Extreme flaws that may be present or considered expected: 

  • missing enamel
  • oxidation of metal over 5%
  • severe enamel color problems
  • they just look sad (。•́︿•̀。)